Jaydan Gibbons from Kickstart to Employment

8 March 2022

Once a one-to-one worker with children with disabilities, Jaydan fell victim to the Coronavirus pandemic after being made redundant during the corporate panic and bouts of mass layoffs. He is now a valued member of our team, helping out around... read more


Ex-Honda employee's journey from Honda Swindon to Aldi

11 February 2022

Ex-Honda employee Anthony talks us through his journey into becoming a permanent member of the Aldi Distribution Centre team in Swindon! Honda Swindon plant closes after 36 years After 36 years of operation, Swindon's Honda plant closed its doors on... read more


What are the benefits of working from home

10 December 2021

    Remote Working If you live in Swindon or London and looking to reap all of the benefits of working from home, ContactCORP have opportunities for you! We have part-time and full-time hours, great benefits from discounts at gyms to top... read more


Seasonal jobs in London | ContactCORP

3 December 2021

With Christmas just around the corner new opportunities are here, all of us here at ContactCORP feel as though it would be an amazing idea to take a look at some of the great reasons to grab one of our... read more

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How to make a Squid Game pumpkin

25 October 2021

With Halloween looming, we here at ContactCORP thought it'd be cool to make a quick tutorial on how to make a Squid Game inspired pumpkin! Things you'll need We went to our client Aldi and bought a huge extra large... read more


ContactCORP partnership with Sytner Mercedes-Benz

23 September 2021

ContactCORP today proudly announced a newly agreed recruitment partnership with Sytner Mercedes-Benz. The team are honoured to supply into such an outstanding diverse and inclusive working environment, and believe it is the ideal partnership to take their Commercial Recruitment Practice... read more

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What is RightJob | ContactCORP Recruitment

23 July 2021

Recruitment agencies and businesses want the same thing - minimize no-shows, streamline administration, and increase employee retention. RightJob is the answer to our shared frustrations embedded into the industry, giving us instant access to temporary workers when we both need them... read more


Welcoming our new Kickstart starters

12 July 2021

We here at ContactCORP have embraced the Government Kickstart scheme with open arms welcoming Jaydan Gibbons and Chloe Wickens into our team!   What is the Kickstart Scheme The Kickstart Scheme provides funding to create new jobs for 16 to 24... read more

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Jooble Review | ContactCORP Recruitment UK

13 April 2021

Jooble is a job search engine that doesn’t compile all of the information on its own database. Instead, Jooble searches the web and displays relevant results from across all job boards.   Why use Jooble It allows you to instantly search... read more


Why use a recruitment agency

18 February 2021

Why choose a recruitment agency? Using an agency can make you feel like a number, stripping you of individuality. You may be surprised to hear that recruitment agencies are responsible for a great deal more than we are given credit... read more

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