Top Tips for Writing A CV

24 April 2018

You never know when that ideal job will present itself, so be ready and get to the top of the pile of CV's… or a Specialist Recruiter's first thought as that fabulous job comes in. How? Think of your favourite... read more


Call Centre Rumours: Myth VS Reality

5 September 2017

Call Centre Rumours: Myth VS Reality In this blog post, I will be taking the most common myths about call centres and exposing the reality of each myth to you. As a recruitment consultant for a call centre, and having... read more


The South West Expo is back!

26 June 2017

          It’s that time of year again – The South West Expo is back! We’re are very excited to be returning to the annual South West Expo , next Thursday in Swindon’s Steam Museum. The South West Expo provides local businesses and regional... read more


Q&A with Josie Hopkins

5 June 2017

Josie came to join the ContactCORP team in March, with a year’s worth of recruitment experience and a thirst for success.  She has already made an amazing impact on our team and candidates. I sat down for a catch up... read more


Carpeo Expansion Creates 25 New Jobs In Swindon!

11 May 2017

Carpeo Expansion Creates 25 New Jobs In Swindon! At ContactCORP we are always enthusiastic to celebrate local businesses successes and we are very proud that today we are celebrating the growth of our client Carpeo and the 25 new job... read more


The 10 worst jobs in the world...

1 February 2017

The 10 worst jobs in the world! We all have that moment at some point in our day/week/month/year where we’ve had a really bad day, everything seems to be going wrong and you can’t help but think to yourself that... read more


Review: Switch on to Swindon Event

27 January 2017

Review: Switch on to Swindon Event I attended the ‘Switch on to Swindon’ event as a representative of ContactCORP , the invitation to the event was very vague in regards to what the events purpose was and with no website to... read more


How working in a call center can boost your confidence!

18 January 2017

“Self-confidence, the foundation of all great success and achievement” Working in a call centre sometimes gets a bad reputation, when actually there are a lot of benefits you can get from this type of work, we’re not just talking the... read more

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Highlights of 2016!

3 January 2017

Highlights of 2016 2016 had its share of a mixture of highs and lows however we believe in focusing on the positives. Here’s a list of highlights that 2016 brought us: Tim Peak completed his space mission! Tim Peak became... read more


How Gin-teresting...

15 December 2016

One lucky candidate will earn £20,000 a-year to become a ‘gintern’ for a drinks company who will send them gin tasting around Europe.  ILoveGin, the company offering this dream job, have been overwhelmed with the response as 4,000 applicants  applied... read more

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