ContactCORP → Carpeo: An Impression

22 August 2018

ContactCORP → Carpeo : An Impression We received this feedback from a candidate of ours about using ContactCORP and working at Carpeo ...  Here is what he had to say.    Thursday, March 1 st 2018. An ordinary day when it started, but a... read more


Making a Career in the Sales industry

13 August 2018

Making a Career in the Sales industry Most people may view a call centre occupation as a temporary placement or a first step to gain experience towards their dream career. However, for those with a passion towards communicating, the ability... read more


Top Tips for Writing A CV

23 April 2018

You never know when that ideal job will present itself, so be ready and get to the top of the pile of CV's… or a Specialist Recruiter's first thought as that fabulous job comes in. How? Think of your favourite... read more


Call Centre Rumours: Myth VS Reality

4 September 2017

Call Centre Rumours: Myth VS Reality In this blog post, I will be taking the most common myths about call centres and exposing the reality of each myth to you. As a recruitment consultant for a call centre, and having... read more


The South West Expo is back!

25 June 2017

          It’s that time of year again – The South West Expo is back! We’re are very excited to be returning to the annual South West Expo , next Thursday in Swindon’s Steam Museum. The South West Expo provides local businesses and regional... read more


Q&A with Josie Hopkins

4 June 2017

Josie came to join the ContactCORP team in March, with a year’s worth of recruitment experience and a thirst for success.  She has already made an amazing impact on our team and candidates. I sat down for a catch up... read more


The 10 worst jobs in the world...

1 February 2017

The 10 worst jobs in the world! We all have that moment at some point in our day/week/month/year where we’ve had a really bad day, everything seems to be going wrong and you can’t help but think to yourself that... read more


Review: Switch on to Swindon Event

27 January 2017

Review: Switch on to Swindon Event I attended the ‘Switch on to Swindon’ event as a representative of ContactCORP , the invitation to the event was very vague in regards to what the events purpose was and with no website to... read more


How working in a call center can boost your confidence!

18 January 2017

“Self-confidence, the foundation of all great success and achievement” Working in a call centre sometimes gets a bad reputation, when actually there are a lot of benefits you can get from this type of work, we’re not just talking the... read more

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How Gin-teresting...

15 December 2016

One lucky candidate will earn £20,000 a-year to become a ‘gintern’ for a drinks company who will send them gin tasting around Europe.  ILoveGin, the company offering this dream job, have been overwhelmed with the response as 4,000 applicants  applied... read more

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