100 Push-Up Challenge in April for Cancer Research UK

30 March 2023

Cancer Research UK has helped to double cancer survival in the past 40 years. As a non-profit organisation, they rely on donations to make this possible. As such, our marketing man Dan Gibbon will be taking part in the 100 Push-Up Challenge throughout April.


What Cancer Research UK means to Dan

“Over the past 10-years, cancer has taken my grandad John Weaven, nan Valarie Weaven, and mum Donna Geddes. My goal is to confront my own affliction, Spina Bifida, to show my commitment in raising money for this truly amazing cause. Charities like Cancer Research UK gave me extra time with those I held closest, so raising money and spreading the word is the least I can do to help. If I can do it, hopefully more people will be inspired to take up the mantle.”

See Dan's 'Giving Page' here


What is the 100 Push-Up Challenge

The challenge is no April-Fools, it involves doing 100 daily push-ups throughout April! It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do all 100 push-ups in one set, it’s a fun way to spread the word about this amazing charity and get fit in the process. Dan will be performing 100 push-ups every day from April 1st to April 30th, filming his daily sets with a fun twist. He has pledged that for every “Easter Egg” found in his videos, he will personally donate an extra £2 per video until Easter Monday.

See how to get join the 100 push up challenge HERE!


What do you mean “Easter Eggs”?

No, not the chocolate eggs wrapped in foil. We’re talking about film, TV, and game references hidden within each video. It could be a reference to a film printed on his shirt, or a mysterious prop elegantly placed in the shot.


What prize do I get if I get the right answer?

Dan will personally donate £2 on your behalf per video, giving the winner a shout-out on the intro and tag you in the description for the next day video release! If you’d like to donate on behalf of a company, we can shout them out too.


How do you submit the answer

We’ll be posting daily videos across all our main social platforms! Click on your favourite social icon below and be sure to follow to see daily updates.




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