Why choose ContactCORP as your recruitment agency

9 February 2023

ContactCORP is a dynamic team of industry specialists hand selected by our group founder, Karen Davison, to revolutionise recruitment services. We give the same benefits to temporary staff as we do our own internal team receive, create stunning dual-branded content, and invest heavily in marketing to greatly increase your brand exposure at no extra cost to you.

Benefits for temp workers included

Giving temp staff the same benefits as us is a huge selling point. Your temps will have access to 24/7 online healthcare, discounts at gyms, stores and supermarkets, and money off on days out. The result is increased work ethic through employee satisfaction, higher worker retention rates, less absences, and a great incentive for them to apply in the first place yielding more CV’s.


Who we work with

Our team may be small, but we recruit for a range of industries covering clients from local businesses to international giants like Aldi, Mercedes-Benz, Laderach, Fuel Cell Systems, and more. You can see our portfolio of clients by clicking here with case-studies.


Marketing included

We produce dual-branded content with your approval to reach tens of thousands of candidates every day. This means greatly increased brand exposure for your branch or independent business at no extra cost to you as it’s included in our competitive rates. You can see examples of our content by clicking here.


Recruitment with a difference

Our Swindon based recruitment centre acts as our hub, our services may stretch across England, but our service will make it feel like we are right on your doorstep with regular client visits, tailored candidates that synergise with your company ethos, and unparalleled customer service. Our team is hand crafted to include industry professionals who truly believe in ethical, diverse, honest recruitment.


Ready to go

We have an impressive of registered, compliant candidates ready to go from potential directors to temporary warehouse staff. We talk to you, research your company and always keep your interests in mind when creating your company profile. Your profile contains a whole host of hiring preferences that are first ran through our immense database of registered candidates. This process gives us a list ranked by experience, qualifications, geolocation, and more. Plus, we quickly whittle out any no-go candidates, saving you valuable time otherwise spent on the usual suspects for no-shows, tardiness, and individuals with an incorrect work ethic.


Contact ContactCORP

Feel free to use our contact form if you’d like to request some more info or tell us about your requirements. Alternatively, you can call us during business hours on 01793 987091 or use our meet the team section to get in touch directly.


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