Stupid Answers to Stupid Interview Questions

28 March 2023

Stupid interview questions? We’ve heard them all! It’s time to do some Harry Potter spell sounding ‘reductio ad absurdum’ all over these questions by answering them in an equally stupid manor. But what exactly constitutes a ‘stupid question’?



“If your life were a book, what would the title be?”

Ok, so maybe questions like this aren’t totally stupid. These questions we’re going to be pulling apart yield valuable insights into the candidate’s personality. The rational behind this series of videos is to bring to light the phraseology of said questions. Instead of trying to make them come up with a book title, we’d always recommend putting the time and effort in to having a real conversation with candidates. The characters of a book title are not enough space for a life story, but an instalment with significance that may be overlooked without correct nurturing and follow-up questions.


How we interview

We talk to candidates, truly listening to their aspirations, and synergise this with their qualifications to suit our clients work culture. This, in turn, maximises retention rates and greatly improves employee satisfaction. Our clients reap the benefits of having committed employee’s and candidates show their thanks from giving us flowers to leaving another 5-star review! You can see our reviews on Facebook by clicking here or navigate to our testimonial tab here.


What interview questions would you recommend?

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