Jaydan Gibbons

Trainee Recruiter

Meet Jaydan Gibbons. Jaydan joined us as part of the Governments Kickstart Scheme back in July 2021. Since joining us he has gone above and beyond all expectations, synergising himself with the team and being the first helping hand to anyone who walks into our recruitment centre with a smile.

"Working with ContactCORP has been a nonstop adventure of meeting hundreds of new, interesting people from all walks of life and learning all sorts of things. I work with a team of invested and wonderful people who have allowed me the space to learn while supporting me the whole way, the same way I hope to support every candidate that walks through the doors."

The level of development of both Jaydan's skills and professionalism is a testament to our shared values at ContactCORP. Everyone who is serious in their commitment to work has a place. We believe everyone deserves a chance, Jaydan has taken it with both hands and is now a proud member of our team.