This document sets out the Company’s policy in relation to the candidate referral bonus scheme. This scheme is offered on a discretionary and as such, the Company reserves the right to amend or withdraw it at any time on reasonable notice.

Current or previous colleagues may recommend a person to the Company for recruitment. A referral bonus will only become payable if the referred person is subsequently recruited, and successfully completes the ‘initial period of assignment’ (see below).

  • 12 weeks continuous assignment placement within a client of ContactCorp.
  • No unauthorised absence within the continuous, 12-week placement.


Recommendations cannot be made regarding:

  • a former employee, either permanent or agency worker, who has left in the previous 12 months
  • a person who has previously applied for a role but declined an offer from the Company
  • a person who is recruited but does not successfully complete their ‘initial period of assignment’
  • a person who has made an application which has been received by the Company before the referral is made


The person’s full details, including their name and contact details should be provided to a member of the ContactCorp team. Whether the person is shortlisted for an interview is entirely at the discretion of ContactCorp, unless specially requested by the client.

If that person is interviewed and accepted for a position, that person must complete 12 weeks of continuous service with the Company.  This is referred to as the ‘initial period of assignment’ and it must be completed to the satisfaction of the client before the referral bonus can be given to the referring person under this scheme.

Once the referral bonus is due, it will be given to the referring person.

The referral bonus scheme amounts are:

  • £50 Amazon Gift Card



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