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If you want a car made, you go to an engineer. If you want a job in engineering, you go to a recruitment company with a vast portfolio of local and national clients. When you choose ContactCORP, you get an agency that stays in touch, treats your application with the respect you deserve and finds you a job to suit as efficiently as possible.

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"Using there in-depth knowledge they were able to clearly explain the roles and display the benefits of using them. The process was very simple and I felt a personal connection that you do not get with the bigger recruitment agencies. At ContactCORP you are an individual not just a number."

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It takes one minute to book an appointment with one of our recruitment experts, the result could be a career that lasts you a lifetime! We will help you tailor your CV to beat our client expectations and land you at the top of the pile, prepared with interview techniques and ensure you are ready to land your new career.

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