Blog Posts for March 2023

100 Push-Up Challenge in April for Cancer Research UK

30 March 2023

Cancer Research UK has helped to double cancer survival in the past 40 years. As a non-profit organisation, they rely on donations to make this possible. As such, our marketing man Dan Gibbon will be taking part in the 100... read more


Unique interview questions to ask candidates

30 March 2023

ContactCORP are going to be releasing unique interview questions generated in-house and released here every Thursday! What makes them unique? You won’t be able to find these questions anywhere else but here, and on our social platforms. We’ve come up... read more


Randomly generated inspirational quotes

29 March 2023

We are going to be using a random sentence generator to originate a unique inspirational quote every Wednesday to fire out across our social media. This week’s quote reads: "He spiked his hair a spiky green colour to support his... read more


Stupid Answers to Stupid Interview Questions

28 March 2023

Stupid interview questions? We’ve heard them all! It’s time to do some Harry Potter spell sounding ‘reductio ad absurdum’ all over these questions by answering them in an equally stupid manor. But what exactly constitutes a ‘stupid question’?     “If your... read more

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