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22 July 2021

Recruitment agencies and businesses want the same thing - minimize no-shows, streamline administration, and increase employee retention. RightJob is the answer to our shared frustrations embedded into the industry, giving us instant access to temporary workers when we both need them the most.


The solution

This revolutionary new platform allows us to post shifts directly to 100s of local workers in an instant. Even if they aren’t registered, these workers will be able to do so with the click of a button.


One of the first

RightJob is currently only available to a limited number of agencies, giving ContactCORP a huge advantage over other agencies. We are now better equipped to meet your last-minute requests and find replacements for no-shows than ever before.



Last minute shifts

Every available worker signed up to the app will receive an instant push notification to cover last-minute shifts.



Tired of having to hear about no-shows down the grapevine? Each passing moment is a loss for your business. With RightJob we will both be instantly notified and able to find cover in a moment’s notice.


Safer recruitment

Workers can register directly from their phone with a single tap of a button. This instantaneous registration process streamlines potential candidates covering last-minute shifts. It also helps to keep people safe from COVID, reducing the need to meet in person.


Shift start alerts

All workers will receive shift start notifications prior to commencing work. Because of this, we will cut down on no-shows and eliminate confusion on shift start times.


Constant employment

Keep candidates in constant employment and allow them the freedom to earn more with extra shifts. Candidates will be more loyal to our agency, increasing employee retention rates for both of us.


Contact us today

If you would like to experience the benefits of RightJob, there are only a few agencies in the local area who have access. Our client testimonials speak for themselves, our investment in this revolutionary new app is a testament to our relentless search to improve candidate and client satisfaction. Contact us today and see how we can both make a better tomorrow.


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