Why use a recruitment agency

18 February 2021

Why choose a recruitment agency?

Using an agency can make you feel like a number, stripping you of individuality. You may be surprised to hear that recruitment agencies are responsible for a great deal more than we are given credit for from increasing diversity in the workplace to enabling companies to operate with temporary recruitment agencies directly enabling 3% of the UK's economy.
To help celebrate the REC's (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) latest campaign - #RecruitmentForRecovery we have compiled our favourite stats to help you see why an agency might be the best choice for you...

 Over 100,000

 young people find their first job

 through a recruitment agency

 every year. 78% of people who

 have found a permanent job

 through an agency agree that

 the role is a good match for

 them with 53% still working for

 the same organisation. 



 in terms of gender and ethnicity

 is associated with increased

 business performance. 

 Unfortunately despite the

 ethnic and gender pay gap -

 45% of SME's do not consider

 increasing diversity to be a



 workers benefit greatly from using

 recruitment agencies. 57% of

 businesses using temp workers

 agree it would be difficult to find

 candidates without them with 61%

 of businesses saying they are

 currently hiring staff on a temporary

 basis with 67% agreeing that

 agencies increase hiring flexibility.



 if you are looking for a job that

 matches you as an individual and

 not just words on your CV, if you

 want to encourage diversity while

 increasing your visibility as a

 job seeker or employer - using a

 recruitment agency might be for

 you! Book your virtual appointment

 or call us today and see how we can

 help to shape a better tomorrow...



Hi contactcorp.co.uk owner, Your posts are always well thought out.
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Hello I am very interested in the bus cleaner job in Swindon can I apply for the job please, many thanks
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