Interview Techniques - Preparation for your First Stage Interview

8 April 2019

Interview Techniques – Preparation for First Stage Interview


In applying for an office-based role you know that you are confident on the phone, you can compose a professional email and you know how to work a computer. What you need to do before any potential employer is prove it. This doesn’t necessarily mean handing them a log of your call times or a spreadsheet of exceeded targets, no, all you need to do is prove that you’re confident! The only thing that stands in your way is you from getting the role.



There’s a reason that the average talk-rate of a radio presenter is between 150 words per minute – it is because it is fast enough to make the most of airtime, yet it allows the listener to still be able to comprehend what you have said. Maintaining fluidity and pronunciation is the key to success. Speaking from experience - mentioning and putting into practice this technique during your interview will make your interviewer aware that you are conscious of the techniques used within the industry and that you have researched the sector prior to meeting them.



Read, talk to people in the industry, anything that will improve your knowledge. Reading this is proving to you as the reader that you are taking this seriously. You have taken the first step and hit the ground running towards what could be a fruitful and long-lasting career in sales. Maintaining this momentum into your interview will give you the edge, the secret is how you convert this energy into confidence…



Being overly energetic is unfortunately detrimental in an interview situation unless you are applying for a supporting role in a trampoline park. You need to remain calm and deliver your answers and questions sincerely and honestly. If you are passionate about joining then this practice will get results, if you feel as though you need to lie to your potential employers you will inevitably be lying on a daily basis, pretending that you want to be there. It does nobody any favours. The key to confidence is just that, honesty. Sincerity will come naturally and as the interview progresses they will see a confident candidate.



This does not mean staring but making good eye contact, breaking away and then reconnecting. Use the 50/70 rule – making eye contact for 50% of the time when speaking and 70% when active listening.




Always shake their hand. A firm, unclammy grip with a double shake is one preferred approach but nobody likes the wet lettuce shake. Having a floppy, wet hand is what they will remember. It must be bone dry and portray your self-confidence and don’t forget to maintain eye contact!



Be constantly engaged in what they are saying. This doesn’t mean becoming Churchill the dog and constantly nodding your head like a bobblehead yes-man but showing you are actively engaged through channels like leaning forward, saying “I know”, “I see” and making eye contact.


That’s the Basics


Now that you know the basics of how to conduct yourself for an office-based job, now is the time for research! We have several useful articles on how to make a successful career in the sales industry, a guide to CV writing top tips and tricks and a useful piece on call-center myths vs reality! Use these articles to put your mind at ease, to help you decide if this is the right career for you and to inspire you for questions to ask during your interview. If you happen to be one of the proactive candidates attending our upcoming Recruitment Open Evening in Swindon, Wiltshire we wish you all the best


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