ContactCORP → Carpeo: An Impression

23 August 2018

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ContactCORP → Carpeo: An Impression

We received this feedback from a candidate of ours about using ContactCORP and working at Carpeo... 

Here is what he had to say. 


Thursday, March 1st 2018. An ordinary day when it started, but a day that was to prove very important for me. A red-letter day you might say. I was in town, in Swindon, when my iPhone rang. It was a lady called Lisa, a recruiting operative for the ContactCORP agency, who had seen my application for a job on Facebook. She wanted to know if I could come in for an interview the following day. You bet I could! I had applied for so many jobs in the past couple of years and rarely got a response at all, let alone a telephone call. In my eagerness, I told her that I was actually only about a couple of hundred yards away and could I come in straight away? Ever the professional Lisa agreed to this last-minute change to her schedule and within five minutes I was seated, a glass of water in hand, being asked about my life up to that phone call. In brief, I had been in hotel management for nearly twenty years before training to be an English Language Teacher which had been my profession since 1995. This work had all but disappeared after the Brexit vote which is why I had been applying for so many jobs in the past couple of years. The fact that I was sixty-four didn’t faze Lisa at all. Once I had filled in the forms she told me she would invite me back for some practical tests – spelling, information gathering and completing forms within a given time.

Let me jump forward a couple of weeks. There was one campaign which Lisa had hoped I could work on but that didn’t materialise but she told me not to worry as something else would come along shortly. It did but I was unable to proceed as I had to be out of the country mid-April and this campaign involved intensive training. There was another training for the same campaign which started on 30th April. I was there, suited and booted, an hour early!  The training was conducted by Ryan Norman who was patient, amusing and thorough. He explained about security, fire drill – all the usual day one requirements – and that there was always a supply of fruit in reception and to help ourselves whenever. What? How much did it cost? Nothing. Free fruit? Yes.

The campaign involved working for a major education and publishing company guiding both schools and the individuals who mark exam papers through the problems they can face with online marking, computer software maladies etc etc. I was with the campaign for four weeks and in that time found I was working with some great people who didn’t seem to notice that I was considerably older than they were. In fact, they helped me wherever and whenever they could. To a person. On top of this there was always food to be had. Sometimes fruit; sometimes chocolate. Other times pizza or fried chicken from the shop up the road. How much did it cost? Nothing!

I knew the campaign was due to last for only a few weeks and on 25th May my last day came. I wasn’t too concerned as I had already been approached by one of the managers about working on another campaign, only this time it was for Carpeo on a permanent contract. This was due to start on Tuesday, 29th May because Monday was a bank holiday. It involved dealing with companies who required finance for the business insurance policies and my job would be to talk to them. I was trained over a nine-working-day period then I was on my own. My trainer moved to another company so on June 11th there I was. Just me!

I’m still working on the same campaign now, about to start my twelfth week. There have been changes – new manager, new line manager, new office. Still food comes in, though not as often.

Working for Carpeo is an eye-opener. Friendly and efficient. Carpeo has won awards in recent years and I’m sure that there are many more to come. Carpeo cares. Carpeo works. Carpeo matters.

Could it be that Carpeo stands for Care about People?


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