Q&A with Josie Hopkins

4 June 2017


Josie came to join the ContactCORP team in March, with a year’s worth of recruitment experience and a thirst for success.  She has already made an amazing impact on our team and candidates. I sat down for a catch up with Josie to help you all get to know our newest recruit better.

How have you settled into ContactCORP?

Really well, I feel like I have been here for ages already and everyone has been really nice and welcoming.

How have you adjusted from working in high-street recruitment to being an onsite recruiter?

The main difference has been how we find candidates, as in my previous job we would have a lot of candidates walk into the office and here we source people online more and through applications. Working onsite means you get to know a lot more about the job role, which makes it easier to sell the benefits better to candidates. I really like the relationships we have with the managers and being able to see when you put a candidate in, what the managers think about them and how they get on, - you can see their whole journey.  

How did you get into recruitment?

I wanted to get a job in admin, or be a receptionist, so I could go in somewhere and work my way up and then I thought about recruitment as one of my friends was in it and I knew she liked it. I applied for a job as a receptionist in a local agency and after 6 months they promoted me to a recruitment consultant. I think they saw I was good with people and they could see I would be good for the role.

How would you describe yourself?

I think that I am friendly and I like helping people.  I like to think I’m quite funny and weird!

What are the 3 things you love most about your job?

1.      I love how many different people you meet all the time.

2.      I love it when you help a candidate get a job they never thought they could get.

3.      I like the security of working in an office job but that you also get to socialise, go out and meet people.

What’s the song that gets you pumped and ready for the day?

Madonna – Like a prayer! It is my favourite song in the world.  You just get everything from that song, I love it!

Who do you aspire to be like?

I think it’s more of a general person aspiration, like women who are in high positions that are still nice to people and don’t think they are above anyone. Successful people who are still genuine and down to earth, so I don’t have a specific person but that’s an overview of what I would like to be like.

Tell me the most interesting thing that has happened to you in recruitment

I did have a candidate who had been through a lot.  She had been a refugee and solely relied on her husband, who she then separated from. She said to me she wanted to rely on herself and have her own money so I placed her in a job in Carpeo and she came and thanked me and said it was all down to me that she would be starting her career now, which was so nice to hear.

What is your best advice to anyone wanting to get into recruitment?

I think you have to be light-hearted about recruitment as sometimes things can be frustrating when you’re dealing with people, but you have to be able to brush it off, have a laugh and continue on.

If you had an autobiography what would it be called?

# Curveball! It’s a joke between me and my friends.  We always say it, so I think that’s what I’d call it because things never seem to go the way you plan them too. 

What is something we would all be surprised to know about you?


I am quite an open book, but it would have to be that I’m an avid knitter. I’m currently knitting a blanket at the moment for my sister’s baby. 

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Written by Nicole Loy 



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Thank you Jimmy!
Posted on Monday, June 05, 2017 10:26 by Nicole Loy
Absolutely love this Nicole! I've been working on someting similar recently for our own website. AWESOME!
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