The 10 worst jobs in the world...

1 February 2017

The 10 worst jobs in the world!

We all have that moment at some point in our day/week/month/year where we’ve had a really bad day, everything seems to be going wrong and you can’t help but think to yourself that this is the worst job in world! Most of the time it only lasts a short while before we realise we’re being a bit dramatic and pick ourselves up ready to continue with the day.

 However next time you’re having one of those moments, spare a thought for the people who carry out these jobs on a daily basis:

10.    Crisp inspector

Crisp inspectors have the mundane responsibility of manually looking through thousands of crisps a day, to remove any that are burnt or weirdly shaped.  

9. Golf ball diver

Golf-ball-diver-worst-jobs-in-the-world-Swindon-recruitment-agencyIt is estimated that 50 million golf balls are lost to lakes on golf courses in the UK, every year. Trained divers are submerged into lakes and have the task of searching amongst weeds, rubbish, fish and toads to find these lost golf balls and are equipped to emerge with up to 2000 golf balls at a time. 

8. Road Kill cleaners

Road-kill-cleaner-worst-jobs-in-the-world-Swindon-recruitment-agencyIt may be hard to believe but there are people who have the not-so-glamourous job of driving around in a truck, clearing away animals’ corpses from the road. It is fair to say this job isn’t for the weak-stomach due to the awful stench and depressing sight you see each day. 

7.  Empty office sitter

We promise you that we are not making this up! There are actually businesses out there that will pay you to spend your day sitting in an empty office. Perks of the jobs – you have a supply of tea and coffee provided for you.

6. Shark Wrangler

Shark-wrangler-worst-jobs-in-the-world-Swindon-recruitment-agencyA Shark Wrangler is tasked with the job of attracting sharks for photographers, wildlife experts and for tourists wanting to jump in a cage to observe sharks. It is a physical job as the bait they throw into the water can be extremely heavy and not to mention a dangerous job, you wouldn’t want a hungry great white shark to drag you out the boat. Some may argue that being a Shark Wranglers is exciting but we’ve seen Jaws! 

5. Crime scene cleaner

Cleaning up a crime scene is no easy job, not only can they be called to a wide range of horrific scenes but they also have to have exceptional attention to detail as they are exposed to several health risks.   


4.  Worm Picker

worm-picker-worst-jobs-in-the-world-Swindon-recruitment-agencyThis is a muddy and dirty job as Worm pickers are required to work day and night, in all weather conditions to look for worms to sell onto fisherman in markets worldwide. 

3.    Manure Inspector

The job is exactly how it sounds, as a manure inspector the day is spent collecting manure and testing the samples, specifically looking for bacteria and bloody stool samples. These scientists are well trained and well paid to make sure the animals are free from contaminants. It is a dirty, smelly job but someone has to do it. 

2.  Pet food testers

If you’re shocked this job exists, join the club! Pet food testers are required to eat sample tins of pet food to ensure the smell and taste are good enough for our beloved pets. 

1. Sewer flusher

Sewer Flushers drain billions of liters of water a day from the sewers and have to clear blockages of oils, grease, hand wipes and anything else non-decomposable. Some blockages can be up to 100m long and often contains flies and worms.  

If you think your job is the worst in the world then it’s time for a change,

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