Instant timesheets and accurate pay

RightJob for Aldi

As part of our continued plans to improve communication with our workers at Aldi, we are proud to introduce and invite you to RightJob! This will give you instant access to the shifts you work through the comfort of using your phone.


Accurate pay

You log your hours of work and get paid from the minute you start to the minute you finish. Your pay is instantly accessible via the RightJob app!

Access your hours

Get app notifications to remind you when your start time is and access your timesheets online. No more writing down hours or taking your phone on the warehouse floor to snap your timesheet, with RightJob you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Additional shifts

Want instant access to extra shifts? The app will notify you when shifts are available so you can pick up overtime as and when you want without having to wait for updates.

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Who needs to download the app?

Only people who are registered with us, have interviewed and accepted for day or night shifts at Aldi's Distribution Centre in Swindon through ContactCORP. If you have not already applied - click here for day shifts and here for night shifts at Aldi.

Do I need the RightJob App to work in Aldi's Distribution Centre?

All workers will be required to download and use the RightJob app. The reason for this is so that we can accurately log your hours to ensure you are paid accurately.

How are my hours logged?

Using the RightJob App, you will be able to log your hours down to the minute meaning you are paid fairly for the whole duration of your shift! This is authenticated using RightJob's location feature.

Does RightJob track my location?

Only while the app is open and enabled. We use the location feature to authenticate what time you arrive and leave work, comparing this information with your clock-in and out times to provide you with accurate payment.

How do I download the RightJob App?

Only registered employees who have been put forward for warehouse operative jobs at Aldi's Distribution Centre in Swindon need to download RightJob. Go to the app store and search "RightJob", input the information required (including proof of right to work) and complete all of the steps. After, you will be given a worker reference number. Send this number to us and we will activate your account so you can start work.