As an Administrator, you will need to ensure that you are extremely organised when it comes to organising paperwork, sorting out travel arrangements and filing receipts.

You will need to be efficient in your job with a vigilant approach to every task that you do, it is vital that Administrators within a company ensure everything is running smoothly.



What you will be doing


You will be responsible for filing paperwork, making travel arrangements for staff members, taking bookings, arranging meetings and looking after visitors.

This the perfect job for people who find repetitive tasks boring, but thrive on multi-tasking. It will vary on the business that you work in but many Administrators are tasked with sorting the post, answering phone calls directly to the company, greeting clients, typing, filing and managing diaries.


The other information…


Hours of work are usually from 9 am – 5 pm to meet the business needs.

This job is ideal for people who can multi-task effectively and find joy in having multiple tasks to complete. This job does offer a lot of structure as you will have a set number of tasks to work on daily.

You will usually be based in an office. It will also be your responsibility to manage your own workload as you will be entrusted to work through various task ensuring that they are completed effectively and on time.

Administration is an excellent career route as it allows you to get a large amount of information about a company and the way that it works, which means that you will be able to use this role as a springboard to another position within the company.

Promotion would be up to Supervisor, Management or Personal Secretary.  




According to Total Jobs, the average across the UK is £21,000 pa

£13,650 - £24,000


The good points…


The job itself involves a lot of structure as you will have set task which you will need to work on daily. You will have the ability to manage your workload which is beneficial to some who prefer to work in this way.


…and the bad


This role requires a lot of multitasking and will need people who can switch from one job to another immediately. This role is often taken for granted by other members of staff who don’t see the amount of work that is put in.

The salary is not typically very high for this job.


The skills that you will need!

To be a great Administrator you will need to have:

  • Good attention to detail
  • The ability to solve problems quickly and effectively
  • An organised approach
  • Be a great team player
  • PC Literate
  • The ability to work under pressure
  • Accurate record keeping


What to do now.


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