Free employee benefits



  Let your staff wages go further with 

  discounts at over 5,000 locations

  including PC World, Amazon, Argos,

  Asda, Sainsbury's and more! Plus they

  will get money off on hundreds of

  restaurants and top UK.


 Pay & Pensions

  Your employees will have instant

  access to pay, docs and pension pots

  directly from their app. Here they will

  be able to access their P60, pension

  and other pay documents,

  streamlining the process and removing

  the need to contact payroll like you get

  with most other recruitment agencies.

 Staff Support

  24/7 free access to counsellors,

  financial and legal support gives you

  countless advantages as an employer

  and peace of mind for your staff. For

  example - virtual appointments

  scheduled efficiently from the app will

  provide you with quicker authorised

  absences instead of chasing AWOL's.



  Discounts at all top UK gyms, free

  online health-checks and access to

  medical specialists will drastically

  improve employee fitness and

  wellbeing. They will also have access

  to discounts from Fitbit, Virgin Active,

  Nuffield Health, Everyone Active and



 Work Docs

  Instantly upload and share work

  documents with staff and get email

  notifications when actions have been

  completed for a streamlined journey for

  candidates into their new job. Plus they

  can access timesheets as well as any

  other key company documents to keep

  them in-the-know about any updates.

  Take the guesswork and plausible

  deniability out of missed document

  exchanges and disputes over hours.



 All for Free

  If you are looking to hire staff - why not give

  them discounts to make their wages go further,

  health and fitness services and discounts to

  keep them healthy and more productive as

  well as a streamlined journey into their new

  role? With this you will see increased

  employee retention with ContactCORP.