What makes ContactCORP different?


Who we are

We are a small, committed

team of recruitment experts.

We go above and beyond

to be there on the end of the

phone when you want us,

find jobs for anyone who

needs one across all sectors

and keep people in constant



 Top Candidates

  It's impossible to select a top

  candidate, but what we can do

  is recommend individuals who

  would synergise well for

  related businesses from

  locations across the UK.



"I felt a personal connection

that you do not get with the

larger agencies.


At ContactCORP you are

an individual, not just a




  If you have a role, we'd

  love to chat! Our office may

  be closed, but our virtual

  appointments and phone line

  is always open. Call us on

  01793 987091 or book a

  video chat and see what

  ContactCORP can do for you...